Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rodney and I went to Texarkana a few days ago and I talked him into taking me to the pet store. I really wanted to look at rabbits and had planned on probably bringing one back to the farm, but I was really disappointed in their selection. Not that all bunnies aren't the cutest things but they only had long haired ones and I could for-see many hours of brushing out matted hair on a wiggly little critter, not something I really have time for. So, we just looked around a bit, there were the cutest little critters in there, including ferrets (which are so adorable but super stinky), guinea pigs (who make the funniest sounds I've heard from a critter) and even a hedgehog, (who I so wanted to pet but they were quite shy and protested my hand in their pen quite aggressively). SOOO, there were a stack of all these beautiful beta fish in tiny little plastic jars and I decided that I would give one of them a home on the range. 

I've named him Hamlet. He is quite the Shakespearian character, don't you think? I only put the plant in his bowl yesterday and am hoping that it will grow bigger roots for Hamlet to hide in. He seems to have perked up since I gave him forage and sanctuary. Now, I just need to find some rocks to put in the bottom...hmmm where will I find rocks?? Hamlet isn't a real cuddly, furry pet, but I've placed him on my desk near my computer and have found myself watching him casually meander about his little bowl and feeling all my worries and stresses melting away. It hasn't taken a lot of adjusting to get used to him being around and his food bill is minimal. Next week we will be introducing a new member to the family that is sure to turn our world upside down and I CAN'T WAIT!!! 

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