Friday, October 24, 2008

Redemption and Pajamas

This isn't the best picture because I took it with the camera on my computer but I thought Charlotte needed a little redemption after posting the last pictures of her. This is her "spot"...on the big leather ottoman. She especially likes it when mommy is sitting here. Mommy, by the way, has been hanging around all morning in her P.J.s. I even went out to feed the goats in my pajamas just to shake things up a bit. Do you want to know why I've been in my P.J's until this late hour of...let's see, it's 10:36 right now???? Because I can. I have been so busy with every blessed thing going on around here; I won't torture you with an itemization of my list of duties lately as I'm sure all of you have your own list. Rodney made sure that I knew and that my other "employers" knew, that I was going to be needed by him today. He left at 8:00 and told me he would call when he was ready for my help and so call!! Well, he's called a couple of times, once to tell me about a calf that was born, once to tell me he wasn't ready for me yet. ha ha. So, I've been doing laundry and other house stuff in my jammies. Rejoicing in my socked feet and pink polka dot oversized pajama bottoms burying my face in warm loads of fresh laundry and neatly folding each piece has somehow rejuvenated my spirit. 

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