Thursday, October 30, 2008

Morning Feeding

I have a wonderful morning ritual. It helps for my attention deficit brain to have some structure so most mornings for me are pretty well ordered. Tuesday through Friday, Kyle and I leave the house about 6:15 so he can be at cheer practice at 6:30. When I get back, I wake up Taylor and let Sophie and Charlotte out to potty. Then I get to have my cup of coffee, this is one of my favorite things about the morning. Rodney makes the best coffee ever. 

Then, I get to go do this!!!.......

Feeding goats is one of those chores that I look forward too. This is Mo. He is our buck and is such a cutie pie, or was until his hormones kicked in a couple of weeks ago. There are things going on out there in that goat pen that I can't quite describe. 
And then there is Rain. Yes, I have a goat named Rain, not because I'm a hippy or that I make my clothes out of wheat or some such sillyness, she came to me with this name which was bestowed upon her because she was BORN in the rain. Now don't you love her even more??
Salty, my "big" doe has to eat by herself because she lacks proper goat etiquette when it comes to eating. She isn't very pretty to look at, one of her previous owners let her gorge herself and her tummy is quite misshapen. I love her anyway. She is just one of those people that it is hard not to love, even if she looks funny. 
I love the feeling I get when I get to provide sustenance to the animals. Be it birds, cows, dogs, fish, or...
Well, hello kitty!! Are you hungry too?? Everybody is hungry in the morning. 
Or do you just need some lovin?? I like to provide this service too. Mmmmm, that morning sun feels so glorious doesn't it? 

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