Monday, December 29, 2008

Wilson update

Wilson is still growing by leaps and bounds. I decided that I would post monthly updates instead of weekly, even though I am taking pictures of him almost daily. I guess I should take some pictures of my kids??? Anyway, we moved his kennel out of our room last night in hopes that we would all sleep better...and we DID! I was so proud of him. He cried for a bit, not long and then only got up once to go out. Other than that we all slept very well. I hate having to be the "pack leader" sometimes. It is oh so hard to be firm with this sweetheart. I am overwhelmed at his behavior sometimes, so polite, so eager to please, and good grief, so darn cute. He conquered another milestone this morning and went the whole 2.8 miles with me around the "loop". We've been half way up to this point but went all the way this morning and he did very well. He became quite a bit more cautious when we started down the trail he had never been down, but he was a brave little soldier. 

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