Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Oh my goodness how pretty everything is this morning, and how terribly freezing. When my alarm went off this morning, I turned the radio station to our local channel and was shocked to find that my kids were going to go to school despite it looking like a giant popsicle outside. The roads, thank goodness, were not that bad but Rodney and I decided that we would be more at ease if we took them instead of letting Taylor drive. 
The birds are surrounding my house in droves and I've put out lots of food for them. They are so lovely to look at and I have been filling up with winter time cheer every time I look out the window. I worked yesterday afternoon for a while in the cold building a shelter for my goats to get in out of the weather. They were ever so grateful. I've been watching them this morning and they are just barely poking their heads out wondering when I'm gonna come feed them. I guess I better get on my warm digs and get out there. We've got a lot of farm work to do today...chickens are coming on Thursday. It will be an adventure to say the least, just getting off the porch is challenging. I've already busted my butt once. Don't worry though, I've got padding.   

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