Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Best Christmas Present EVER!!

Tis better to give than receive. I believe this with all my heart and now I sit here in shock over the best "thing" I've ever received. I'm so unsettled about how to feel, for I feel I did nothing to deserve it. My family sat around me this morning as I nervously dug into my gift, one that I wasn't expecting, except for the fact that I knew they were all up to something! I thought maybe they were getting me a bunny or a donkey or something, not this. It did enter my head but it shot right back out when I though of the expense. They all pooled their money together to bestow this grandest of gifts upon me. My hands shook as I touched it and tears fell and I knew that as much as I loved it, that I would have much rather been on the giving end of this deed. I wondered why it is so hard for us to accept gifts, especially ones as great as this. I guess because it is more blessed to give. I know this now more than ever, however, I also know that the only proper response to a gift is gratitude, and I am indescribably grateful. So prepare yourself because I'm about to go on a photography spree like nobody's business. 

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