Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eye doctor

Since my camera isn't working, I've been searching for pictures already on my computer. I don't have very many pictures of Rodney but I thought this one was cute!!

Rodney and I went to Mena today and finally got his eye checked out. He had a piece of metal in it that had already turned to rust. It was being stubborn and not wanting to come out so the eye doctor pulled out this little tool that sounded like a tiny drill. Rodney and I both looked very apprehensive and thought that he surely wasn't about to use that on his eye...but he did. It did the job nicely. He instructed us to use some antibiotic eye drops as well as some lubricating drops and sent us on our way. Poor Rodney. He will be fine, he is such a baby about his eyes. He bought him a nice pair of sunglasses and has asked me a hundred question about the drops, when to use them and how, etc...it is funny.
The chickens are continuing to do better. The hay didn't get baled before the rain came, but we got some of it baled. It looks like the weather will be clear for the next several days and hopefully this will allow us to get it all put baled and in the barn. It is nice having the kids home for the summer. Kyle is helping Rodney in the chicken houses, which is lovely for me. I am planning on working for Dad tomorrow down in the wood shop. This will be a nice change from the stress of the farm. 

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