Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fat Cat

I'm happy to report that my camera is back in operation. It only needed a new battery. I almost started to cry when I put the new battery in and it came back to life. It has been nearly like missing a limb not having a camera at my disposal. This is only one reason why I haven't been posting regularly. The main reason is that I've been so busy being out and enjoying the glorious spring that I was so longing for. I have been digging in the dirt nearly every day for the past few weeks. My garden is full of plants and seeds that we are anxiously waiting to sprout. I am 35 years old and I've been around gardening my whole life and it still completely amazes me that a seed can be placed in the soil and a plant will grow. 

The picture is one of the first ones that I took with my camera back in operation. This is the most rotten cat ever but we love him. He is in love with Rodney and will appear from nowhere when he hears the truck pull in the drive. Rodney is, more often than not, greeted at the door by this big fat baby, purring and completely happy to see him. He sleeps with us, most of the time, and is the cuddliest kitty I've ever known, like having a teddy bear that is warm and purrs. He doesn't go outside much, which is probably why he is so fat, but all of this furry fat just makes him more fun to snuggle with. He was a "rescue" kitty. He was dumped out at the ball field when we happened to be there several years ago and he was so small we could hold him in the palm of one hand. I've always loved the way that he is marked. If you look at his face, he has a little blob of gray on his nose. I have imagined that when he was being made, that whatever angel is in charge of painting kittens, carefully marked him with beautiful lines and semitry,  stood back and looked at him and thought, "he needs something else, hmmm let's see" and then dipped his finger in gray paint and splotched it haphazardly on his nose. 

I'll be keeping busy in my yard while the weather is nice, ever keeping my camera battery charged and ready to shoot, because around here, there is always something wanting it's picture made. 

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