Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Herd

Here are my new babies. 

I am so excited about them. They seem to be settling in very nicely. The big one is the older doe, Salty. She is really hilarious about the dogs being around. She doesn't take her eyes off of them for a second and once in a while will charge at them. Poor Charlotte is already needing therapy from this. Bella, on the other hand, seems to like the action. I guess she would since she is a cow dog. The goat in the background with the extra long ears is Little Mo, he is the buck. We really like him because he reminds us of Gunther, our first goat. 
We picked up 7 less chickens today than yesterday. I guess any improvement is good. My back is aching and my mind is weary from all of this, but I know that it will soon be over. I have been trying to come up with creative solutions to cure these poor dying chickens. I have heard that beer is good for chickens, that people have saved sick chickens by giving them beer. I started thinking while I was sweating my butt off picking up all of these poor dead chickens, that we could start medicating them with beer, after all, it is organic, is it not? It might even make the chickens taste better. Who knows. We could start an ad campaign "beer fed chickens-they're delicious". ha ha. It is funny what your mind will come up with when in desperation. 
Rodney is out raking hay and Don is coming to bale it. The a/c compressor on the big tractor went out and it has an oil leak, so it is in the shop until these things are fixed. The hay can't wait for a Memorial day weekend so this is when having good friends with hay equipment comes in handy. I just came back from taking a glass of Gatorade to Rodney out in the hay field. The temperature is well in the 90's and the humidity is very high, it is beginning to feel like summer is officially here. 

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