Sunday, May 25, 2008

Goat Outing

Well, this post will have to be without a picture because my camera isn't working. 
I thought I had it fixed with the new battery but apparently there is something more serious wrong. 
We are still picking up lots of dead chickens. Yesterday the total was over 800. We are all up this morning early to get out there and get them picked up and still try to make it to church. I hope that there are less today. 
When we were finished with our chicken work yesterday we headed to Amity, Ar with the trailer to pick up some goats. I have been talking to the lady who had them all week and we were all really excited to get over there and get them. We originally were going to buy two bucks for the kids to show. Rodney and I have been talking for some time about starting our own little goat herd so we considered buying a doe too. The lady who had the goats said she had an older doe that she would sell us very reasonably, so we bought her too. She also had some wethers (neutered bucks) that she was selling very inexpensively so Taylor wanted to get one of those too. Well, after we headed out, we started talking about the goats and how we would breed them and where they would be kept etc...then we thought "why do we have 2 bucks and only one doe???" So we called the lady back and turned around, took one of the bucks back and got a young doe. We ended up bringing 6 goats home all together!!! One buck, two does, and three wethers. She also had a kitten she was trying to find a home for, so we took it too. It was  a fun outing. I've already been out in the goat pen this morning and they have settled in nicely. Bella likes to bark at them and the older doe who is named Salty does not like this at all. I so wish I could take some pictures of them. I'll have to borrow Mom's camera this afternoon and post some pictures. 
Also, Rodney has something in his eye. We think it is a piece of metal or something. It looks bad and is really hurting him. He doesn't know where he got it from but it sure is killing him. I can see it in there, but it looks like it is going straight in and it is in the iris. Plus he is a big baby about his eyes and just trying to put drops in it was hysterical. I'm going to call our eye doctor later and see if he can see us today. I would hate for him to have to wait until Tuesday to see a doctor. 
I'll try and post pictures of our new herd later.

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