Sunday, August 17, 2008


     Many of you may know that Rodney has a daughter that was born before we were married. The story is long and full of tales of heartache and hurt but has now come full circle and seems to be pointing towards a happy ending. Rodney has loved her since the moment he found out that she would be born, but has been kept from her most of her life. We haven't seen her since she was very little but have kept her in our hearts and in our family all these years. 
Taylor introduced me to "myspace" a couple of months ago and I was immediately intrigued and addicted to it. I discovered a week or so into my trek of uploading pictures and adding friends that you could search for people who also have myspace accounts. I immediately thought about searching for her and so the story began. Taylor and I were sitting at the computer and I said, "why don't we look for Aimee??" We did, and she was like the third person on the list! Our hearts were pounding as we stood in disbelief staring at her picture and questioning if if could really be her. Taylor sent a friend request and by the next day she had added her and we started communicating. She soon added me as well, and we all started to send each other messages and e mails everyday. Rodney was thrilled when we told him what we were up to. 
The next big step was that she texted Rodney on his phone one evening which lead to him giving her a call. This phone call, I have to tell you, was life changing. I was in Dallas when it happened and was getting texts from her and calls from Rodney about the situation when Rodney asked if I thought it would be ok if he just called her. Of course I told him to go ahead and do it. Well, after they talked on the phone, I immediately got a text from Aimee and a call from Rodney. They were both hysterical, Rodney was in tears and so was she. It was precious. 
The emotions of it all were so intense and led to many calls and texts and anxiousness to see each other. We had a few extra days between chicken batches this flock and decided to work it out and meet her in Huntsville. It was so awesome. SO so awesome. I can't even process it all, I can't imagine how Rodney is feeling. There is so much more to much. Rodney and Aimee stayed up until about 2:30 in the morning talking, crying, hugging. He said she was the only other woman that he has stayed up that late with talking to. 
The bottom line is that I have a precious husband who is a wonderful father and now finally has the opportunity to be a friend to this precious soul who has been kept from him for so long. I can't wait to see what the years ahead will hold for them, for all of us. 

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