Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday at Dawn

My eyes popped open at the crack of dawn this morning (or as we like to say..."the butt crack of dawn"). I laid in bed for several minutes trying desperately to go back to sleep at no avail. My mind was busy thinking of all the things that needed to be done and I couldn't make myself go back to sleep. Things have piled up over the past week or so because of the farm chores. I was kind of hoping a little fairy would fly into my house in the night and clean it all spic and span, the way I'm sure a fairy would clean...but sorrowfully this didn't happen. So after going through the long list in my head..."the laundry sure has piled up, I need to sweep the floor and dust, those poor kitties are having to use a dirty litter box, the goats are hungry, the toilets need to be cleaned and on and on, I decided to go ahead and get up and take a stab at getting started on some of these things. 
The first thing I did was go out to the goat pen and feed them. This is by far my favorite chore. They are always completely happy to see me coming which, in turn, makes me happy to see them too. Once I get their feed put out for them, I usually just sit and watch and wait for them to finish. Sometimes I'll get handfuls of feed and let them eat from my hand. The feeling of their little lips on my palm is thrilling. 
The laundry and dishes came next and I was happy that before we left for church, things were looking much better. Sometimes the hardest thing is just getting started right? I struggled to stay awake during church which I never do and am now sitting on my bed getting ready to have a lovely Sunday nap. I haven't had one in a few weeks so I am going to really appreciate this privilege. 

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