Sunday, June 8, 2008


My soul is in a seekers stage. 

This picture is of the seven sisters star cluster. It is located some 400 light years from where we sit. 400 light years. Quite a journey from here, but just a blink of an eye for God who created it. I was looking through some pictures on-line while putting together a photo story for our upcoming state meeting. I found myself drawn into this one for some reason. It amazes me how small we really are sometimes. One of my favorite movies is "The Grinch" the one with Jim Carrey...this whole story takes place inside a snowflake. If any of you saw the movie "Horton Hears a Who" also with Jim Carrey, there is a whole civilization living in a speck of dust. These examples are so profound when you think about the earth and it's proportionate size to the universe...we are but a speck of dust, floating about in a snowflake. 
Like I said, my soul is seeking. I have been studying scripture like I never have before and the more I search the more I find myself craving the knowledge that God has set before me. I feel as open as the universe itself, to be filled with all of God's grace and wisdom. I'm not sure what has brought about this new burst of exploration, but I am enjoying it. I guess I am coming to a stage in my life where I am beginning to realize that my kids are not going to be here forever, that this job of Mother that I have embraced and that has consumed my every waking moment for the past 16 years, will one day (sooner that I want) be over. I know that my sacred marriage will only grow with my own spiritual growth and this hunger that I have for knowledge of scripture is God given and can only improve my task here on earth. 
I have been studying the book of Daniel. Beth Moore has a book on it and I have been downloading the lessons from i tunes and listening to them on my i pod as I go about my chores. I plan on getting the book while in Hot Springs so that I can do the homework assignments along with listening. It has been so inspirational and eye opening. 
Anyway, I am so glad that God set me in motion on this quest to fill my soul. I hope that it is a benefit to everyone around me. 

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