Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It happens in three's

First of all, I did not take this picture...I got it off the internet. I'll explain in a minute

Have you ever noticed that when something unfortunate happens in your life, that two more unfortunate events seem to follow?? This has happened to me all my life. It seems like if I break a dish, I'll break a couple more things before the whole thing plays out. Well, this has happened to me recently. The other day I went to the bathroom and as I was about to sit down, I heard something fall into the toilet. I looked to see what it was and it was my brand new cell phone. It was in my back pocket and went spilling into the potty when I was pulling down my pants. It seemed ok at first then it started going crazy. The screen went blank, it started taking pictures by itself, ringing, turning off and on. So, I took the battery out, hair dried it and let it just sit over night. Miraculously, the next morning it had healed itself. I still have to live with the idea that this thing I hold to my ear was once in the toilet. 

So, here comes the two unfortunate events that followed...these are the ones that make me want to cry as I type this for they are terribly unfortunate. I had Taylor's camera with me on Saturday while I was out fishing, thinking that I might have a chance at getting some good pictures...again it was in my back pocket. Well, I went to sit down and when I did, I apparently sat on a small rock just the right size and height to press on the LCD screen and render it useless. I thought maybe it might heal itself too, but so far it is out of commission. Then yesterday I was going to take a video of Rodney because Grace (my niece) was asking questions about him and his overalls. I wanted him to briefly explain, on a 5 year olds level, why overalls are great for farmers to wear. Well, my camera wouldn't turn on. I had just charged the battery and it failed to do anything. I have gone over it a million times trying to figure out what the deal is but it seems to have died as well. BOO HOO. I feel like I'm missing a limb without a camera at my disposal. 
I posted the picture of the bird, which is a painted bunting, because there was one at my feeder today. I was so excited and then became exasperated because I had no CAMERA. I tried to take one with my pitiful little phone camera but you couldn't even see the bird. Rodney was here to witness it too, thank goodness, otherwise nobody would have believed me. I think that I have warranties on both camera's. I'm not sure what they will cover or if they've expired but I will have to do something to get back in business. This isn't merely my hobby, it is my passion. 

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