Monday, April 7, 2008


Look at what I made!! This fence has been a vision in my head for years now and I finally got it built. I can't wait to surround it with flowers and shrubs. I did this all by myself. Rodney helped me with the drilling of the post holes and setting them, then the rest was me. I got the pattern off the internet, I think it is called Cape Cod. Anyway, I cut all of the pickets myself down in my dad's shop. All of them were made from cedar that came from my Papaws land that we cut and had milled several years ago. The cross lumber was stuff left over from chicken house construction...the only thing that I bought were the finials on top of the posts, some screws, and paint. I put four screws in each picket and there were 105 pickets total, my thumbs didn't work for a few days after finishing but they are getting better. I think it is completely lovely and it gives the front of my house a more finished look. Kind of like a double-wide cottage. :)

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