Monday, April 28, 2008

baby chicks

We got our newest batch of chickens today. I started thinking that I have never written anything on this subject, probably because this just isn't my favorite topic. This is, to me, what sustains our lifestyle and allows us to live on this farm, it is our job. To Rodney, this is his favorite thing to discuss. He is passionate about raising chickens, and for this I am grateful. One of us has to be and it isn't me. I do what I have to and get the heck out. It is very stinky and poopy and hot, and you can't breath. I would rather be out in the open with the cows and hay or doing fence work or yard work. 
Having said all of this, I do enjoy the day that the chicks arrive. It represents a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance at doing well and maybe making a little money. Our neighbor, Alberto, who speaks no English, always comes to help us dump the chicks. It is fun to attempt to have a conversation with Alberto given our limitations. Most of the time it is like a game of charades. Once we begin our chore of dumping the chicks...things move along swimmingly. Baskets of tiny chickens, some with shells still stuck to them, are lifted and tossed and these little balls of down and fluff go flying through the air. The land among the the feed which they will start to eat immediately. It is also amazing to me when they start to drink from the waterers. You wouldn't think that something that was just born (or hatched) would figure that contraption out...I guess you have to think like at chicken. 
When the doors are closed and the chicks are settled in for the duration of their stay here on our farm, there is a sense of peace. We always say, "we're back in business". Every batch brings new challenges and experiences. We do what we have to each day and let God handle the rest. 

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