Friday, April 18, 2008

Nature Walk

I sprained my ankle on Wednesday, my birthday, so my daily walking/jogging was slowed to a stroll for the last couple of days. Yesterday I took Taylor's camera with me so that I could stop and take pictures of all the lovely flowers along my path. This took me well over an hour to make my way around the loop which usually takes just over a half hour. I wanted to be upset at first because I had been slowed down, but decided to take advantage of the time I had been given to just stroll leisurely along and smell the roses. I couldn't believe all of the stuff I had been passing up everyday while I was quickly making my way around the loop. There was a surprise around every corner, under every blade of grass and behind every leaf. The first picture is of some sort of violets. They were happily growing in a patch of grass on the side of the road...the color caught my eye first and when I knelt down to peak in on them, I actually gasped at their beauty. There was even drops of dew still on them, as if they knew I was coming with my camera and wanted to look pretty for their picture. The second picture is of a dogwood(of course) and the third is of some pink honey suckle. I think I took about 80 pictures of rocks and moss and grass and flowers. I wish I could post them all. I sped up my walk today ... I've got a new walking partner, I'll post more about that later. 

PS...if you click on the pictures they will open full screen so that you can appreciate them better (for those who didn't already know this).

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