Saturday, March 8, 2008

I am sitting here looking at what is left of the snow. It was beautiful while it was here, now it has faded into patches of white here and there and left the roads muddy and slushy, looking somewhat like a mocha frap with whip cream on top. All of us got the most out of the snow while it lasted, building snowmen, walking through the pastures and ooohing and aahing at every little thing in site. The snowman that we built is quite the redneck. Kyle had the idea of donning him with antlers, which at first I was opposed to but then decided that it was quite a creative idea, even if it did make him look a little bit like satan. The snow was the perfect consistency for building although none of us had appropriate gloves and suffered throughout the process, stopping every few minutes to warm our frozen hands back to a functional temperature. The chickens arrived yesterday in the middle of a blizzard so when the big doors were opened to usher them in, the heat escaping out into the cold snow created a huge ball of steam that if you looked close enough you could actually see little dollar bills dissipating into the atmosphere. The newest batch of chicks on the farm are now settled in and we have another chance at a fresh start. A fresh start, my heart is light just saying the words. I am still looking forward to spring for what could be more representative of things beginning anew. 

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