Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ode to a peach blossom

Spring is finally emerging from her sleep. The evidence is everywhere I look and I am thrilled. I am always excited when the blossoms peak out from the trees, and I have always considered this yearly transformation a miracle but this year it is more appreciated. Maybe every year I appreciate this miracle more, so I only have greater appreciation to look forward to. And the fact that this year is here now, this will be the best spring so far.  The weather is still mighty unpredictable which is the nature of spring, but the interspersed days of sunshine and warmth are heavenly. It is cool out today and storms are expected the next couple of days, but even the rains are welcomed for they will bring forth the grass and flowers. Even the lightning and thunder that we have missed all winter have their place in the miracle of life, in bringing forth nutrients to the soil and aiding mother earth in her endeavor to produce sustenance. I shall relish in the joy of spring and do my part as a citizen of earth to aid mother nature in what ever she may ask of me. 

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