Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How to keep kids off drugs

Kyle had an acquaintance at school that was expelled yesterday for possession of cocaine. And I wondered why I was finding gray hairs!!! I couldn't believe that this was happening in our little community, and of all things in the 8th grade. I have talked with my kids many times about drugs and the consequences of doing them, we have always kept an open line of communication about these controversial topics and, so far, they have seemed to feel comfortable keeping me informed of all that is going on in their lives. I have been thinking about this a lot today, just to think that my baby, my son, my precious angel was hanging out and talking to a peer that had cocaine on them, that he was even in the parameter of this horrid thing. My initial feelings were to take both of my kids out of school and home school them, to keep them on the farm and protect them from all of this dark, evil grime. This is one lesson that I don't want them to have to learn. This afternoon when Kyle got home, he sat on the couch and watched Jeff Corwin on the animal planet. We talked about his day and he courteously asked about my day. Then he said he was going to go out...he has been asked not to ride for four-wheeler because of the price of gas, so he headed out on foot with his shotgun. I told him to be careful, he said he would and reassured me that he would be home in a little while and that he had his phone on him. About an hour went by and I went to the front door and saw him walking down the driveway, shotgun in one hand, rabbit in the other. My heart welled up with pride as this boy of mine, this country kid who I've tried to raise in God's love, walked up my driveway as proud as he could be with his trophy. So, I figured I was doing my part in fighting the war on drugs in letting my son be free, allowing him to spend his money (every penny of it) on shotgun shells and permitting him to roam about our acreage with the gun his dad hunted with when he was a boy. What more do kids need than a feeling of importance, a place to belong, and lots and lots of love love love. Right now, that rabbit is skinned and sitting in a pot in my kitchen...I have no idea to prepare a rabbit but for Kyle's sake I'll try to figure it out. I'm having "Fatal Attraction" flashbacks!!!

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