Monday, March 17, 2008

The loop

The picture seen here is an arial photo of our farm and surrounding woodlands. Highlighted in red is "the loop". I don't know if you can see, but I have indicated the start and finish which is my house, right next to the green looking pond which Kyle says looks like a snapping turtle's head. The loop is exactly 2.8 miles. I have walked this thing many times. Actually, it is more like hiking than walking for much of it is rocky and there are several steep hills. I have been reluctant to take this hike for a few weeks now since Buddy, my guardian dog, is gone. I decided last night that there was nothing to be afraid of and poor Sophie and Charlotte were missing their walks because Mom was scared of, well, nothing. So, this morning I strapped on my tennis shoes and headed out. Surprisingly my body wasn't too angry with me and I made the first big hill without incident. I began to ponder my walking and how many times my feet had trodden this path. Was there anything notable about this ritual? Not really, just a lightness of heart and a knowing that I was doing something good for my body. There are no well-wishers lining the path of this one-woman (and two dog) marathon. Nobody cheering me on or holding out cups of gatorade, just the wind in the pines whispering my name and willing me to move forward. Usually I have my ipod playing in my ears too, a little Neil Diamond (Cherry, Cherry) can set even the moodiest of souls right with the universe. There is no finish line waiting for me, no grand finale of cheers and jubilation, only home. Could there be a better finish line?? Home. Anyway, I'm back on track, so to speak...conquering my fears of nothing and allowing myself to be free. Sophie and Charlotte are completely grateful. 

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