Friday, March 21, 2008

Impulse buy

I went shopping today in Mena with my cousin Ron. He and I had a lovely lunch together and then had some errands to run. The restaurant we ate at was near Atwoods which is a farm supply store and I asked Ron if he wanted to go in there and look at the baby ducks and rabbits, etc...As you can see, we brought two baby geese home with us. I wasn't really torn about this purchase. I figured, hey I live on a farm, I have lots of ponds (one which happens to be just down the hill) and why not?? The first thing that surprised me about these little critters was how loud they are. They chirped all the way home. I was thinking, poor things, they are going try and run away and I'm going to have to try and keep them penned in somewhere. I soon discovered that they are extremely social creatures and took to us immediately. They will hardly let us out of their sight. It is so sweet. We put them in a large rubbermaid container with their food and water, but every time we disappeared from sight, they would start to protest, loudly, so we placed an old teddy bear in with them which worked like a dream. I guess this is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen, two baby geese snuggled up tightly and sleeping on an old teddy bear. We have deemed them, Sugar and Spice. So far today, they have played in the front yard, swam in the bath tub (which was also extremely precious) visited Granna's house, watched a movie and now are soundly sleeping in their box, with their bear. Oh, to have babies in the house again. 

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