Monday, January 28, 2008


The sun came out yesterday for the first time in what seems like forever. Today, however, it has gone back into hibernation. How I am longing for spring! I have heard of a condition called "seasonal depression" and I think I am in the throws of it. I got my farm work done before noon this morning and by the time I got home and cleaned up, I was feeling tired and gloomy. I watched "Legends of the Fall" probably one of the most depressing movies ever and decided I needed something cathartic to do. So I ran out in my bare feet in the cold wet gloom and took some pictures of the whole gray thing. I thought maybe if I embrace this ickyness, take it's picture and write about it, perhaps it will be kinder to me. I turned on all of my lovely lamps surrounding my desk, let in the gray light from the window and sat down to write. I guess I'm feeling a little better now. I need some coffee and maybe some cookies but I know that the only thing that will fix my icky spirit is some warm, glorious sunshine, and for that I guess I'll just have to wait. Groundhog day is Saturday, and that little critter better hope he doesn't see his shadow. I wonder if there are any good recipes for groundhog stew???

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