Thursday, January 3, 2008

walking on water

The pond was completely frozen over this morning. The thermometer read 11 degrees. I thought it was amusing that the ducks were still on the pond even though they couldn't swim...they must have some really amazing feet to be able to stand that. I couldn't stand the 30 seconds it took to run out of the house and take these hands are still frozen as I type this. These mallards (I don't know that it is the same ones) have always taken refuge here on the farm. I don't let anyone hunt ducks. When it is duck season and we wake to hear the shots being fired from neighboring sportsman, I at least know that some of the ducks will have a safe haven nearby. I like to think that the ones that have been here year after year are the same ducks and that when they are making their winter nesting plans when they are off in Vermont or somewhere up north, that they are thinking about the farm here and waiting for the day that they can come back.

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