Monday, January 21, 2008


I have only recently, in the past couple of years, become a football fan. My brother started my interest with his deep passion for the Bears. I have always been a Favre fan but never really watched football religiously. Brett is just a lovable kind of guy, he is so real and just seems like a big ol' bubba, a country boy with a big heart and a big dedication to his team. Anyway, this year the Bears didn't make it too far and I shifted my focus to the Packers and became obsessed with their progress. I watched in horror as Favre suffered an elbow injury earlier in the year and I was thrilled that he came right back. Almost like a super-hero. I am still very new to all of this and have to ask Rodney questions throughout the games, like "what did they mean by 'off-sides', and why did they rule that an incomplete pass and not a fumble??" He is patient and explains everything where I can sort-of understand it. I was so excited when the Packers made it to the playoffs...and just knew that they would go on to the super bowl. I wanted them to be the team that beat the undefeated Patriots, but I guess now that isn't going to happen. I ordered a Favre t-shirt last week, jumping the gun and thinking it would be proudly worn while I watched the Packers kick butt in the super bowl. Well, I shall wear my #4 shirt with pride while I watch the super bowl, even if my beloved Favre isn't on the field. I realize that I am new to all of this but the disappointment is real. I know now how Dwayne felt when the Bears went on to the super bowl last year and then lost. Oh the grief and despair, oh the pain and agony. Now I will have to anxiously wait to find out if the great #4 super-hero Packer will be back to thrill me again next season.

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L & J said...

I totally understand I was watching my hunk Favre too!! I really wanted someone I cared to win in the super bowl this year!! Sad day!!