Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I went out this evening looking for eagles with my camera. We have had about 15 or 20 of them on the farm the past week or so. Rodney said yesterday that there were at least that many on the west fence line when he went over there, so I thought it would be easy pickins to get over there and get some pictures. Well, there were no eagles, only deer. They looked so beautiful in the evening sun, watching me curiously as I snuck closer and closer. They only watched for a moment and decided to leave. We saw a golden eagle earlier today. Kyle was so thrilled that he went out with the camera, trying to find him again. We thought it was a hawk when it was just sitting in the tree, but when it took off, wow was it big. I bet it's wing span was 6 or 7 feet wide. When we got back home we got out our bird encyclopedia and sure enough that is what it was. We were thrilled that we had seen it. Kyle did get a picture and I'll post it as well. It is a little blurry...Kyle?? But you can tell how big it is.

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