Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Official Farm Dog

Up to this point, Eddie has been staying pretty close to the house. I've been playing the over-protective mother and babying him. Once I felt he was big enough, he started walking the loop with me and even then, I would occasionally give him a little lift when he seemed to be lagging or getting tired. It's ridiculous, I know.
Today, Eddie got to go with Momma to the chicken house! I never knew the chicken house could be so much fun. I never knew mud puddles could be so much fun either. Eddie played in both. 
When you splash around in a mud puddle and then run through chicken litter, this is what you will look like...unless you happen to be human, then you would look like this, only not as cute. 
After your momma gives you a bath and wraps you in a blanket, you would look like this
. . . only not as cute!

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