Monday, June 22, 2009

It Stinks

This will make sense in a minute...

When we bought our quaint little double-wide cottage almost 9 years ago, one of my favorite features was that the master suite had his-and-her bathrooms. That's right, Rodney has his own bathroom and I have mine. I also feel that it is only fair if a person has their own bathroom that they should be responsible for keeping it clean. 
Rodney is one of the tidiest people I know...much more than I. We share a closet and his side is always so much neater and kept than mine. However, he isn't as worried about smell as I am. My house could be, and a lot of times is, in complete disorder...but it smells really good. 

Last year, we had a leak in Rodney's bathroom behind the shower. This caused some of the sheetrock and one of the floor boards to get pretty wet. When I got the leak fixed (yes, I fixed the leak) I removed the obviously damaged sheetrock and cleaned up every drop of water and even sprayed bleach on the wet wood hoping that mildew and mold wouldn't develop. This worked out well until just a couple of weeks ago when it started getting really hot outside. Now there is this stale, moldy, funk of a smell lurking in Rodney's bathroom. Sometimes I can smell it when I walk in the bedroom and I can't even explain the torment that this puts me through. 

I've been explaining this to Rodney for days now, and he always says the same thing "what smell?" I'm not really sure what the solution is to the problem, but I guess I figured that he could fix it.

Last night, I left him a note on his mirror, the one you see in the pictures. I figured that a visual reminder might help him take a hint. Of course, I did this in jest and was only expecting a good laugh out of him. 

I ended up being the one that got the good laugh. Not just a good laugh, a rolling-in-the-floor-can't catch my breath-laugh. See, when I went to get myself ready for bed last night in MY bathroom, I lifted the lid on the potty and guess what I found??

I love that man. 

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