Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have to say before I even begin to write this that I am a very quite person when it comes to controversial topics. I've never felt the need to protest or march over any sort of injustice. My fights are fought at home, on my knees before an almighty God who can do all things. Politically, I am very open minded about certain things, party is one of them and I do not consider myself either republican or democrat. I try to keep up with what is going on in the news and with the candidates for president. When it comes down to who I will vote for, I simply must choose the person who shares the same values as I (or close to them). This whole issue of abortion has been one of great debate, great pains and one that I have chosen to keep quite on. I'm sure that you can all guess that I am pro-life, always have been. I have listened to the other side, the reasons for abortion, the political views and the "rights" that women are entitled to. How a woman would be made a criminal if abortion was made illegal and how making it illegal wouldn't stop those who would "choose", only make it more dangerous. I've considered every angle, every view and I can't for the life of me, accept any part of it. It is inherently part of who I am to KNOW that a life begins at conception. I can't see the view of the choice group, those who claim it is a right...I can't for one minute even get it not even to ponder it. 
Do you remember the line in the movie "It's a wonderful life" when Clarence the angel tells George that "when a person isn't born, it leaves a terrible hole in the world". Remember how many lives that George Bailey touched? Remember what a mess things were when the angel showed him what life would be like if he had never been born? Oh, the holes we have in our world! Oh, the mess we have made of our planet by simply not allowing those souls to enter the world, those who would touch our lives and change us for the good. No, it is easier to just toss them in a dumpster and forget they ever existed. And now, look at us. Look at the mess we are in. I am very much an optimist and can see that there is hope for our sad state. I don't think that I can convince all of the liberals to see the light and accept that abortion is murder. I think that my place is to make sure that the lives that I CHOSE to bring into the world, my beautiful children, will see to it that their children and their children's children, will carry with them this conviction of life. That the flame that burns in me, will burn in them and that they will touch the lives of others and that it will spread like a brush fire. This is my duty to my precious children...what would life be if they had never been born? Well, the story still has much to reveal, but thank you God that they have a story before them. 

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