Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goats and Metallica

The kids and I spent the day in Texarkana at the Four-States-Fair yesterday. This was our second trip to this fair and I was astonished at the number of goats that were there to be shown. Our goats have become quite a project around here and, like any consuming project, we've become somewhat biased about our goats, thinking that any judge would surely see the time and effort, not to mention money, that we put in and move them right up to first place. Well, when we began surveying the competition our hearts were quickly beginning to have doubts about our livestock. Where some of these beasts came from, I have no idea. There just was not comparison, it made me want to pack up my puny little goats and come back home. We didn't place at all...but we weren't at the bottom of the barrel either. I thought Taylor should have gotten a prize just for being so pretty, but unfortunately, they weren't handing any "pretty" ribbons out. It was a good learning experience and we had a good time so I guess the trip was a success. 
We listened to XM channel 51 the whole way there which is the Metallica channel. Then on the way home we stopped at Sam's and picked up their new CD and listened to it all the way home. My brain was still thumping with bass and drums when we got home, or it could have just been because I let Taylor drive home that caused my brain to be burdened with noise. I started listening to Metallica when I was in high school and still go through heavy metal phases now and then. I've kind-of always prided myself in being so open-minded about music...that is all but rap, if you can even call that music. Music in our house ranges anywhere from Frank Sinatra to CCR, from Andrea Bocelli to AC/DC, and from Michael Buble' to Metallica. Opera, Classical, Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Standards, Pop and everything in between. When the kids were little I started filling their little heads with show tunes and made them watch every classic musical from My Fair Lady to Oklahoma. It surely has broadened their scope of thinking. 
My house is very quite today, I'm cleansing my palate for my next musical phase. 

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