Thursday, September 25, 2008

Square bales

Our last cutting of hay is now sitting in the barn (old chicken house) nice and tidy in beautiful squares. I absolutely love square bales of hay. They are easy handle, easy to feed and there is a lot less waste. Having said all that, getting them baled and in the barn is quite an undertaking!
The picture above is of my dad doing what he says he would rather do than play at Pebble Beach or fly in a jet. I have a hard time believing that but he was sure acting like a kid in a candy store while performing this little chore. 
I have to tell you that the smell of hay is one of my favorites...the other smells on this list include Christmas trees, freshly mowed grass (which is a lot like hay I guess) and babies breath. For some reason I also like the smell of musty air conditioners but I'm not sure why?? 
Anyway, after we got the last bale stacked in the barn, our poor bodies were quite exhausted. I think we are all still recovering from it. I am supposed to be cleaning my house today and I'm finding it difficult to stay focused. I am hanging my clothes out on the line and in between loads, I'm just wandering around aimlessly. I watched that movie "The Blue Lagoon" while I was folding a load (very slowly folding). Now I want to go live on a deserted island somewhere and eat bananas and swim in the ocean with Rodney. Of course we would have to both loose about 20 pounds and 20 years and get really tan for the vision in my head to become reality. 
So, I guess I need to quit daydreaming about sex on the beach and get back to my luxurious laundry duty. Oh...add that to my favorite smells list by the way, fresh line-dried laundry. 

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