Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 12, 2007

Well, it is feeling like July now. It is still quite cloudy and we have gotten another inch of rain or so, but for the most part it is hot and humid. Kyle and I went and picked more berries this morning. at least enough for one more batch of jam. I can't believe that there are still so many red ones yet to ripen. It is so therapeutic to be out in the berry patch finding not only beautifully ripened berries but little surprises around every leaf. Sometimes I have to politely ask bees to move so that I can pick the berry that they are on, they are happy to oblige.
I still haven't been able to hang clothes out on the line because of the weather. This is my other household chore that I find to be quite calming to my soul. Maybe today I can at least dry some sheets outside, however, this usually brings the rain.

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