Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back to life

We have had a busy first part of the week. Vacation bible school was Monday through Wednesday and we were very busy with this and with company. It was so much fun and a great success, but I was very happy to get back to "normal". I'm sure that it may take a few more days to get back in the swing of things but I'm already feeling more relaxed and content. One of my favorite chores, as many of you probably know, is hanging clothes out on the line. It is just something about the air, the methodical placement of the towels and sheets, the grass on my feet, and of course the smell. All of it just sets my soul at peace, it makes me feel as if I'm providing some great service for my family, for the earth, and it connects me to those women who were doing the same thing hundreds of years ago. I am thankful that the July sun was nice and hot today, and that tonight I will sleep in a nice clean, sweet-smelling bed.

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