Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back Online

I'm not sure where to start now that I'm back online. We were without internet for two weeks, I felt like a cave person. So, now that I have reclaimed my cyber citizenship...all of my creative thoughts that have been suppressed for weeks are cluttering my brain and I don't know which ones to let out first. 
I guess I'll start with Eddie. The last couple of weeks have proven to change his appearance to that of a chunky, healthy, vibrant boxer puppy. His demeanor hasn't changed much though, he is still completely sweet, forever cuddly, and always making me laugh. I was thinking back on how devastated I was when I lost Wilson, how shocked I was when Jerico died so suddenly, and how I knew God would bring something good from it all. Now, as much as I loved my Wilson, if I was given the chance to take him back and give up Eddie...I don't think I could do it. There are so many examples of this that I can think of, how I felt like God was taking something from me, then before I knew it, something even better was put in it's place. This whole puppy episode has enlightened me to the greatness of God, His mercy and love. Funny how something so trivial can reveal such profound truths. 
I could sit here and spill forth the remainder of all that is occupying my thoughts but I shall attempt to pace myself. There are so many chores awaiting me today and I'm anxious to start checking things off the "list". I am so happy to be back in cyber space and I am sending all of you my love...did you feel it? Now go spread it around. 

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