Thursday, December 31, 2009

Heart Failure

I purchased a calendar yesterday.

In case you weren't aware, tomorrow is a new year. Therefore, it was quite a practical purchase.

I happened to be at Books-a-Million so the choices of calendars was almost overwhelming.
That was until I saw one that said...

Just Boxer Puppies

Ok, that made my choice easier. That was until I opened it up and had a heart attack.

Brace yourself....

Holy Moly. Oh, my fainting heart.
Oh soft wrinkling skin.
Oh sweet puppy lips
Oh paws and armpits of fur.

I tried to explain to Rodney that we should never be without Boxer puppies. There should be plenty on hand at any and all times. They should be in every room, around every corner, in my pockets, in my hair, and on my lap.

I don't think he understood.
For now, I will just swoon every time I look at my new calendar.
Happy 2010 to everybody!!


Ron Hamilton said...

it makes me want to get one, eddie was the cutest boxer puppy ever.

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