Sunday, September 13, 2009


One of my favorite meals on Sunday evenings is a big bowl of popcorn. Usually Sunday lunch is a fairly big event, and who wants to cook a meal on Sunday evening?? not me.

No microwave popcorn in my house. I enjoy the whole process of popcorn making. As soon as those kernels start to sizzle in the oil something magical happens. A lovely aroma begins to fill the house...and a crowd gathers.
This is the same crowd that gathers when I'm deboning chicken. Basically I have them as an audience any time I'm cooking in the kitchen.
They really like popcorn evenings, because they know Momma likes to share her popcorn.

Incidentally, I had a little white mouse named Popcorn when I was about 8 years old. This is the mouse that I made my mother take to the vet when she was sick. Come to find out the poor dear was menstruating. You can imagine my mother's horror and the discussion among the neighborhood mothers when they found out! Who else besides your mother is gonna do something like that??
Menstruating mice aside, this whole popcorn business is divine. I am easily amused and the fact that I can toss little kernels of corn into hot oil and in about 5 minutes have a big bowl full of yummy salty popcorn is so thrilling...and delicious. Plus I get to haphazardly fling popcorn in the air and let the dogs catch it. Things just can't get much more fun than that.

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