Friday, September 18, 2009

Keeping Eddie Busy

One notable characteristic about boxers is that they are active and require adequate exercise to prevent boredom. Since Eddie is still a puppy, he does a lot of napping but I'm beginning to see more and more of this boredom coming out in him. Thank goodness we live in a place where I can let him out of the house and he can run around like a maniac. However, he likes me to be with him when he's doing this and well, sometimes I'm on house duty. So, I've been finding little ways to keep him occupied while we are working indoors.

Today, I tossed him my empty bottle of sparkling water (I mix it with cranberry yummy).
At first he looked at me like I was an idiot. He has such whimsical facial expressions.
Then he dug on into it and really started to enjoy the lovely crunching sound.
Then it got a little more serious...
After about 5 minutes, the label was shredded and being the good mommy I am, I took that away.
I like this whole water bottle thing...he was busy for at least a good half hour
and on it went
then this is when that whole boxer personality really started coming out, I love this part...the jumping, the pouncing, the tossing, the sheer merriment of it all.
oh look...Eddie has actual magical powers!!
Then it's back down to working the bottle over with those jaws.
and now, he is tired of Momma taking his picture
brace yourself Momma
then it's over and now I have to go find something else to occupy his time. I'm sure that I would have been wise to have kept my own self busy while he was occupied instead of taking pictures of the whole thing. Now he's napping and I'm blogging. Laundry and soap-making are awaiting.

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Expressor said...

I'm drinking water (to which I had just added cranberry) as I read your Eddie blog. OK... the similarities are starting to freak me out ;-) LOL