Friday, July 3, 2009

Eddie's New Hobby

Last week, Rodney and I decided that we would pen the goats back up until the fence was fixed. This was after I had cleaned up dirt off the deck for the umpteenth time from an overturned flower pot and had an "episode" because I had no flowers. So...the goats were penned back up and I went and bought me some flowers. 
This morning, I went to the door and found Eddie merrily playing in a ripped open bag of potting soil and the periwinkles I still had left to plant. 
Somehow, this was far less upsetting than it would have been if the goats had made the mess. For one, I already had petunias and periwinkles gracing my whisky barrels which made the scene more lovely to behold. Secondly...look how cute he is. 
I have a hard time disciplining him and I know I'm gonna pay for it later. I was tempted to get down in the dirt and play with him, it really looked like a lot of fun. Now I get to go out and salvage my soil and try and revive the poor periwinkles before they perish. Sounds like a fun mid-morning project to me!!

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