Friday, August 24, 2007


I decided that I would use today to "salvage" what I could out of my tomato patch. I knew that there would still be some, but I was shocked by how many were hiding there. I let my garden just grow naturally, I didn't stake the vines at all and by early July, the grass and weeds had filled in around them as well. It isn't pretty to look at but it seems to have worked out very well. The best tomatoes were the ones that I found hiding in the shade of Bermuda grass patches, nice and protected from the glaring sun, and cushioned from the hard dry soil. I could feel my heart growing with joy and thanksgiving as my baskets became fuller and fuller. It always thrills me the little ways that God finds to bring happiness into my life. Now I better get busy putting these tomatoes in the freezer. I can taste the deer chili now...mmmmm.

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