Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28th

The kids and I took the goats for their first walk this morning. It was short lived because we left too late and it was already hot...which means, the SUN came out today!!! There is a chance of rain today and the wind is out of the east, which means it probably will rain, but for now, the sun it out and it is nice and hot. AHHH June. We are going to go to town later and take the kittens to give away. I have been enjoying watching them frolic and play in the yard but I guess the time has come for them to go.
Taylor went to her first gymnastics class last night for cheer leading. She hadn't eaten very much yesterday and she almost passed out. It scared me but we are going to be diligent in eating right and getting more exercise, drinking plenty of water and RESTING.
I am still working on getting the house sanitized but I may never get it done, always something going on. Always!!

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Gail said...

The goats are soooooo cute!!! I want a farm. I am so glad it finally quit raining and you got your air conditioner fixed. Everything else is going your way so I have a feeling you'll get your new chicken houses.

See you soon!