Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 27th

We made some more phone calls this morning to get things rolling on the new chicken houses. We are leaving it up to God whether things go through or not. It rained more this morning and is still cloudy. I can't believe that I feel like I have cabin fever in June!!

The airconditioner is fixed!! Yipee. I've been sanitizing things all morning. It will probaby take me a few days to feel like things are clean again. After everything has sat here in the heat and humidity for weeks, I don't even want to think about what kind of bacteria has grown in my house. I have been vaccuming matresses, washing everything bleach, spraying things with lysol, etc...

Taylor and I are taking some of the cheerleaders to Ashdown this evening for their gymnastics practice which means I'll miss church. I hate to miss but sometimes other things come up. Our big family reunion is Saturday and the kids leave for camp on Sunday. I am really going to miss them. I am a little worried that with all the rain that Oklahoma has been getting that the rivers at the camp will be swift and scary. Why is it so hard to let your kids go?? I guess I'll always worry about them no matter what.

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