Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 26th

It is raining and raining here in southwest Arkansas. I am glad to see that the drought has passed. I am anxious for a little sunshine, but I won't complain. The Barrett house is still without airconditioning so we are spending a lot of time down at the Jacobs'. The rain is hindering repairs.

Rodney and I are in the process of getting things started on building 4 more chicken houses. AAAAHHHHH!!!! We still have some soul searching to do but we are pretty sure that this will be a good move. It will allow us to hire full time help to come live and work on the farm. This will actually free us up, but also add more responsibilities. Please pray that God's will be done for us, He has always been so good.

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SReel said...

Jenni, I am so proud for you & Rodney! As long as you are in God's will, things can't go wrong! love you!