Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goat Parade

While sitting at my desk yesterday morning, Sophie began to speak to me. I know you think that dogs can't talk but mine do, ok. There is a window right next to my desk in which the window sill is just the right height for Sophie's little chin to rest and watch the birds or be on the look-out for anything out of the ordinary.

So she said to me (and I wish I could portray her voice here for is sort-of a Scottish PeeWee Herman)
Momma, momma, there is mischief afoot.
So, peering out the window I found she was right...she is hardly ever wrong about such things. And what did I see? Those pesky goats headed up my driveway! A flagrant group those goats!
Then I'm spotted by the goats and they run faster.

It's Momma!!! Run! Run faster oh flagrants . Onward and upward.
Why they like me so much, I'll never know.
All the while, Sophie and Charlotte are barking (talking) like crazy!
Keep back dear Mother, we shall shield you from these shameless villains

Schnauzers are bred to be varmint killers. There short stocky little bodies and keen smell are perfect for going to ground and sniffing out vermin. I've seen Sophie kill mice and rats and it is quite a site to behold. Just thought you might want to know this little tidbit of information.
Parading goats are parading...
Parading down the street...
Parading goats are parading...
Leaving little treats.
Be gone vermin! You have no powers here. (oh wait, that wasn't Charlotte, that was the good witch of the north).

My fearless guardians were not content until these ruthless bandits were properly incarcerated. It was after they were detained that those girls became very pleased with their selves.

And don't come back neither!

They'll be back though. Oh yes, they will be back.

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