Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hot Chocolate and Magic

Taylor was about 7 when she inscribed this recipe per her Granna's instructions. At the time, I remember looking it over and thinking..."this kid needs some spelling lessons". But now that she is 17, it is precious and sweet and actually pretty good for a 7-year-old! Feel free to use the recipe yourself, it is scrumptious.

Once, while Granna was serving hot chocolate to Taylor and Kyle, she was adding marshmallows on top. Of course she was having to count to make sure each had the same amount. Kyle mentioned that his marshmallows were "little" and after a few minutes of stirring their hot brew with their spoons, Taylor looked up from her cup and said "my marshmallows are so tiny, I can't even see them!"

We've had a few little cool spells over the past month, so Taylor's recipe found it's way out of the recipe box and onto the range-hood where it has been pinned with a magnet. She made her first batch of Granna's hot-chocolate a couple of Sunday's ago while I was napping and I awoke to the sweet smell of chocolate. While I was making me some lunch this afternoon I just happened to glance at the recipe and pause briefly to think of my Taylor. I was remembering her when she was so little that we couldn't even find clothes to fit her, and when she was that dainty, prissy toddler with a wisp of golden hair...always so optimistic and forevermore darling.

She also happens to be a lot like her Dad (bless her heart) and tends to do things quite methodically. Once she figures out what she likes, she doesn't need to change it, thank you very much. When Taylor makes hot chocolate, she drinks it out of her "hot-chocolate-cup"
It doesn't matter if it's Christmas or not either. This is the cup that Taylor drinks hot chocolate out of. Amen. She acquired this little trinket with (who else) Granna! They were shopping around at the craft booths at Hoo-Rah days when she was just a little bitty thing when Taylor spotted this cup and had to have it. The lady working at the booth knew mom and they visited for a while and Taylor walked away with what would forever be something special.
There is another cup that resides in my cabinet which holds great importance. It's appears to be just a little jelly jar but you don't know the secret. See when Taylor was about 3-years-old, she got sick like all kids do, nothing major just a little runny nose and a cough. We paid Aunt Susie a visit, like we used to do quite frequently when we lived near her, and Susie gave her this cup. She told her it was magical and would make her well.
See the stars on the top? They are magic stars! When you drink from this cup it will always make you feel better.

Perhaps it was just a coincidence that Taylor started feeling better that day, or maybe it was the power of suggestion...I'm not sure, but we are holding on to the cup just in case. And, whenever Taylor feels bad or has to down some nasty medicine, this cup is always handy to add the element of magic to her remedy.

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