Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ivy the farm dog

Ivy quickly figured out what time it is when momma starts gathering milk jars. Time to visit the goat pen...which means milk for Ivy. It's amazing the power goat milk has over a puppy. 

She loves riding in the car but, I am constantly holding in to her pretty tightly for fear that her bravery will overtake her common sense and she'll bale. 
She also has to be tethered to the milking stand while I work. The first time I took her with me off-leash, she decided to go running down the road with Kevin and Emma when a truck was passing and nearly gave me a heart attack. She doesn't seem to mind it at all because she knows what's coming. 
And she patiently awaits it. Sometimes I squirt it directly in her face (which I would have taken a picture of if I had three arms) and sometimes I put it in a little dish for her, you know, proper lady style. 
Either way, she's most appreciative and it makes the whole chore of milking so much more entertaining. 

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