Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Red Neck Snow Day

One of my goat buddies brought me these two orphan babies a few days ago. In fact, it was Christmas eve..eve. They were only a couple hours old when they got here and their arrival created quite a stir on the farm. It's amazing how two tiny little creatures can cause such a ruckus. We were running around, trying to find baby bottles, fetching colostrum from the freezer, cleaning out the dog kennel, and all while trying to get our evening feeding chores done before dark.

They are flourishing now. I was very happy that I had the foresight to save the colostrum that I did. We've already grown attached to them. That happens when you are up at 2 am heating up milk and wiping little butts. Now that they're on their feet pretty good, we've had to allow them some leg-stretching sessions. These would typically take place outside and we have had them outside a lot... that is, until today. 

This is what it looks like outside my backdoor right now. Yikes. So, our leg-stretching activity took place in the kitchen. You heard it. We are officially red necks. I actually like Si Robertson's definition of red neck..."Fun is his middle name. RED-FUN-NECK". So, the following are photos of our fun. Our joyful, red neck fun.

There really is no way to convey how tiny these guys are. But this picture helps a bit. 

That would be a baby goat trying to nurse on my teapot. 

See? So cute!! 

Emma is still not sure what to do with them. Are they puppies? Are the chew toys? 

They've created a lot of head tilting curiosity. And, I LOVE head tilting doggies. 

Just wanted to share what we've been doing this Christmas day. Watching it snow, playing with babies, baking goodies, and refusing to come out of our PJ's. 

Merry Christmas to all my sweet friends out there from our snowy farm.