Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mystical Elixir

Now I know you all have heard me whine and cry about my terminal case of the winter blahs, but that isn't what I've come to blog about today. I've come to give you good people a remedy for winter blahs, or seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression, however you choose to call it.
Dr. Oz piqued my interest on his show a week or so ago when he was talking about remedies for this dreaded affliction. I was actually just happy to see other downtrodden, winter-beaten souls. It's a misery loves company thing.
One of the suggestions was ginger tea.
I like ginger.
I like tea.
Perhaps I'll give this a try
I tried straight ginger. I don't recommend this.
So here is what I came up with. Please feel free to try this for it has helped me tremendously.
First of all you'll need some ginger root. I've always seen this in the produce section and watched Martha Stewart grating away at it, but never has it ever graced my kitchen until now.
In doing my research, I found out that ginger is not only a great combatant against the doldrums, but is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory, aids in the digestive process, controls chronic pain, minimizes allergy symptoms and limits flatulence! Glory, glory hallelujah!
Since the ginger alone was just too weird for me, I decided to add some cinnamon. Guess what I found out? Studies have shown this magical spice to help with arthritis pain, regulate blood sugar, and boosts cognitive function and memory. Glory glory hallelujah.
Of course, it has to be sweetened right? I decided to go the natural route in concocting my elixir and went with good-old, beautiful, God-given, honey. Well, you're just not going to believe this. Honey is full of gloriously wonderful incredible stuff!! Lets just set aside for a minute the MIRACLE of how it is made, for this is a topic all in it's own. Plus, if I start talking about how much I love and adore the honey bee, I'll start missing spring again. So here are just a few of the benefits of squeezing some of this golden nectar into your diet.
Honey contains as many antioxidants as spinach.
It's free sugar molecules make the brain function better since the brain is the largest consumer of sugar, thus, reduces fatigue.
It aids in keeping the skin soft and fresh and slows down old age.
The ancient Egyptians paid their taxes with it. (ok, I know that wasn't a benefit although it would greatly benefit me if I was allowed to pay my taxes this way)
You will have to steep your ginger (about a tablespoon of grated ginger root) with the cinnamon in boiling water. I just happen to have the most darling husband that buys me cute tea pitchers because I say I really really need one for my seasonal depression. You can use whatever you have, a glass measuring cup works nicely.
This is probably the most important ingredient in the recipe. The tonic MUST be consumed out of a pretty cup. If you skip this step you might as well just forget about the whole thing.
Honey goes in first, don't ask why, it just does. Don't be stingy. Forget about calories and think of the benefits.
Poor the nice scalding hot tea over the honey, and stir.
And, there you have it. A beautiful, magical, healing cup of tea.

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Sharon Dosch said...

Firstly, you have the most wonderful way with words! (as you can tell already, I, sadly, do not). I remember you from school and we are friends on FB, and I just absolutely LOVE your posts and pictures! I didn't know that you had a blog, or I probably would've been over here sooner! I live up in WA state and it seems like winter lasts forever up here. I miss growing up in AR and actually being able to go outside and be DRY in the winter. Up here it rains sooo much and truly is depressing sometimes. Enough of my rambling.... Back to your elixir: truthfully, I've never been into honey OR ginger, but you made this sound so good, I'll just have to try it! Cheers to Spring!